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Want to Buy A Cheap Laptop? Go For Acer Laptops

By PT INFONET MITRA SEJATI 7 months ago 236 Views No comments

Are you looking to buy a new Acer laptop? However with so many Acer laptop models, you may find difficult in buying the cheapest Acer laptop.

Acer laptops are one of the most preferred laptops across the globe. One of the striking facts of Acer is that they produce cheap laptops that are full loaded with features. Acer laptops are available in several series namely, Acer Swift 3, Nitro 5. Acer’s technical support is simply amasing; you can get your queries solved professionally by highly trained tech-support executives.

When you plan to buy the best cheap laptop for yourself, you should find out which laptop gives you the value for money at a very reasonable rate. If you are going for a cheap laptop, you should also know that you will not find many features that you can find in laptops that belong to a higher price range. There are some hardware and software related points that you need to consider whilst buying a cheap laptop:

Operating System

You can go for Windows 10 or Linux enabled Acer Swift 3 to save on money rather than Windows 10. Linux operating system notebooks from Acer Swift 3 are very cheap compared to Windows powered Acer notebooks. If you like Windows 10, you can buy a Linux Acer notebook and remove Linux and install Windows 10 by yourself or by seeking help from a local technician.

Hard disk

The Acer laptops that belong to a high price range category come with large storage capacity of 1TB. However, those laptops that are available with 1TB hard disk storage capacity are available at a cheap rate. Acer swift 3 with 1TB hard disk space. Ideally 1TB hard disk is enough for people who only store word documents, image files, music and video files. You may even upgrade to higher capacity hard disk anytime if you feel that you are falling short of storage space.


Acer laptops come with various types of processors such as acer swift 3 SF314-54G, Intel Pentium i3-7020U. Intel processors are cheap compared to Intel processors. Intel Processor powered laptops may be available at a cheap rate. However, they may perform poorly with respect to the applications that are being made for highly powerful processors that are being used these days. If you prefer Intel, you can go for Pentium intel core i3-7020U powered Acer laptops.


The RAM considerably influences the performance of your laptop. The higher the capacity of the RAM, the faster your computer will perform. The ideal amount of RAM to work efficiently would be 8GB. You may go for 8GB of RAM; however, the overall functionality of your Acer laptop would not be impressive. If you plan to install Windows 10 on your laptop, you should have at least 8GB of RAM. Whatever amount of RAM you choose, you can easily upgrade to higher amount as and when needed.

The best part about Acer laptops is that even though you choose a low priced laptop, the value for money Acer laptops will give you more features such as web camera, wireless internet connectivity, Bluetooth and two to four USB slots present on it.

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